• Date : 07.02.2023
  • Category : free, mini-cms

Free MiniCMS - Simple Solution For Complex Tasks

We present to your attention a free WordPress template with MiniCMS administrative panel.

MiniCMS was created for the convenience of editing visual components on your sites. Best
suited for landing pages/landing pages. With the help of CMS, you can edit everything without
exception, and even add new images for the slider, news, product cards. It’s convenient and
very fast. The big plus is that MiniCMS is small and uses few resources.

MiniCMS is suitable for freelancers who create landing pages to order, so as not to spend a lot
of time integrating layout with WordPress.

And also suitable for owners of landings, those who bought a landing without an administrative
panel, to edit the external design of the landing. You don’t have to pay developers to make you
a control panel. By installing MiniCMS you will do everything yourself. It’s easier than ever.

The archive contains detailed documentation for the installation.

login/password: admin/admin

Live Demo